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Optimize Effect Plan

First of all, we will encounter the most important issue “efficiency” in use; it is also the issue that everyone pays most attention to; because everyone’s body structure and basic conditions are different, the effects and changes produced by use will also be different;

Through the analysis of big data, if you insist on using it for 3-6 months, the effective rate can reach 83%-98%; so as long as you follow the method correctly and keep exercising, you can get satisfactory changes. According to the difference in usage method and usage frequency, The time used by everyone will be different; remember, don’t rush for success;

Some great achievements always require more patience and persistence;

Extender — Dual Track Mode ✔

Tips 1: Single track

Beginner users must first use the single silicon belt mode, and the power value of the extender must be controlled at about 10%; the adjustable power value in the second month is 20%-30%, and do not exceed 50% of the power value;

(▲Picture) Single track silicon belt mode, suitable for users within the first 30 days

Tips 2: Double track

The efficiency of dual-track mode is 1.5 times that of single-track;
For beginners, first adapt to the single-track mode for 30 days, wait for the ligament to relax, and under the condition of cell self-adaptation; you can try to use the double-track silicon belt training mode, and make adaptive adjustments according to your own tolerance; the initial stage should not be too strong , adjust the length and strength within 10% each time; if you feel unwell, please adjust the tightness and traction strength of the silicon band immediately, take it off every 10-15 minutes and rest for a while; remember, the maximum time for each use should not exceed 30 Minutes, according to your ability to bear, you can repeat the training;

(▲Picture) Dual-track silicon belt mode, suitable for intermediate and advanced users

Tips 3: Safety

Liquid silicone has self-protection ability, the hardness value HA is 10, once the force exceeds the maximum tolerance limit, in order to avoid injury, the silicone strap will automatically break; the force value should not exceed 50% when used; keep it within 10%-30%; Use it step by step and increase the frequency of use to increase the efficiency of training. Don’t force yourself to increase the traction! Proper use can improve the product’s optimal service life

Extender — Training Angle✔

Tips 1: 90 Degree up training “80% Effective”

When using the extension trainer, the angle is different, and the efficiency and effect of the use are also different; here we mainly advocate two angles of “downward traction” and “forward vertical traction” ↓

(▲Picture) Up and Forward Traction Stretch

Tips 2: 180-Degree down training “150% Effective”

Downward stretching training and forward vertical stretching training, the effect of downward traction is 1.5 times that of vertical use; you can switch the next mode every 20-30 minutes; the effect is better when used together! If you feel tired or uncomfortable, please take it off immediately and rest; Do not force overload training! ↓

(▲Picture) Downward 180-degree traction stretch (toward the feet)

Extender — Wearing Posture✔

Tips 1: The most suitable wearing posture can improve the efficiency of use

When wearing the trainer, there are several postures of “sitting, lying, and standing”. Generally, we test and measure several postures to find the best posture that suits us, which can effectively improve the use efficiency;

Lying Down: Data record 15CM ↓

(▲Picture) Usage Mode – Lie down

Sitting Posture: Data record 16CM ↓

(▲Picture) Usage Mode – Sit

Standing: Data record 16.1CM ↓

(▲Picture) Usage Mode – Stand

Proper wearing posture can greatly improve the efficiency of use

If you encounter any doubts during use, please record the real use photo data, refer to the demonstration picture for use and shooting, and take pictures from the angle of looking at God, the accuracy of measurement data will affect the selection of training methods;

Extender — Use frequency✔

Tips 1: Increase Daily Training Frequency

30 minutes of traction and stretching training each time. If you have enough time, you can train 3-4 times a day. The more you use it, the better the effect! Do not adjust the strength and length of the extender arbitrarily, keep a fixed length and strength training within 10-15 days; you can record and save weekly usage data! It is convenient for viewing and post-guidance work;

Extender — Use at night✔

Tips 1: Recommended for use at night before bedtime

Most users will choose to use it 2-3 hours before going to bed at night, because the body cells are in a state of recovery and repair at this time, and the body can get the best relaxation in the lying state, which is very convenient to use and has better privacy;

Extender — Continuous use✔

Tips 1: Use without interruption

Be sure to keep using it continuously, which will help improve the efficiency of use. Try not to interrupt or stop using it during training, because it will greatly affect the effect. Biological cells have memory, such as learning, fitness, orthodontics, etc. , which is a very scientific and safe method;
Insist on continuous use to achieve the best effect, physical changes are certain, but more patience and persistence are needed;

Sex frequency — Reduce✔

Tips 1: Reduce the frequency of sexual life during use

It is recommended to reduce and adjust the frequency of sexual life during the use of the product, because excessive ejaculation will make the penis in a state of fatigue, which will reduce the effect of use. The second part of product use is to use the JEQL training method;

The training conditions for this step require vigorous energy, sufficient qi and blood, and training with the penis congested and erect, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, it is recommended that the user ejaculate less than 4 times a month;
Because it helps you to use it more efficiently;

Nutrient Cream – Frequency of use ✔

Tips 1: Increase frequency and dosage

Refer to the 6 sets of training tutorials, you can randomly choose 2 of them, use it 3-4 times a day, and use it for 10-15 minutes each time. As long as you have enough time, increasing the frequency of use can greatly improve the efficiency.

Tips 2: Always keep one-way training in mind

Important reminder: The whole training action is one-way, remember not to move back and forth like masturbation, because wrong operation may cause premature ejaculation, which will greatly reduce the effect of use, and many users will make this basic mistake,

Tips 3: Train Slowly and Strongly

This is a very important part. Please remember that when training with nutrient cream, the thrust and pull of the hand need to be strengthened, and the speed should be slowed down. Just slow down the normal speed by 10 times; it has many benefits, and it can avoid ejaculation at the same time Also increases efficiency (keep this part in mind)

Tips 4: Increase dosage of nutritional cream

1、The nutritional cream scientifically formulated plant essence penetrates deep into the skin to nourish and repair the penile cavernous body. Combined with JEQL training therapy, continuous use can help improve penis congestion and hardness;

2、During the period of use, the continuous replenishment of nutritional cream can better nourish and moisturize the skin, prevent the penis epidermis from being injured during training in a dry environment, and replenish cell nutrients

Precautions:Must read ↓

1. Traction training must be carried out in a weak state, and cannot be operated under erection of the penis to avoid straining the ligaments;

2. The silicone strap should not be fixed too tightly. It is based on the principle of self-adaptation. If discomfort occurs, please stop and loosen it immediately.

3. Within 30 days before use, the traction force should be controlled within 50%, follow a step-by-step process, and it is not easy to use too much force.

4. Make training records every day. Every 15 days is a cycle. According to the actual situation, you can adjust the hole position to increase the strength value.

Second Step:Training Method

【Second Step】 Nutrition cream repair training, wear TPE silicone ring; apply SANYUN plant nutrition repair cream, squeeze out 1cm each time, spread evenly on the surface of the penis, and start the international JELQ penis enhancement training, (refer to the training video tutorial); a total of 6 sets, each A set of training videos should be used for 10-15 minutes; 1-2 sets of tutorials are used every day. According to the training situation, multiple sets of tutorials can be combined for training. The more frequently used, the better the effect. Generally, after 30 days of continuous use, there will be obvious improvement and improvement!

Precautions:Must read ↓

1、During the JELQ penis enhancement training process, self-control is required to avoid masturbation and ejaculation;

2、JELQ penis enhancement training 2-3 times a day to avoid excessive energy consumption and poor mental state;

3、During JELQ training, be sure to keep the penis epidermis nourished and lubricated by nutritious cream, and avoid training in a dry environment, which may cause pain and discomfort due to dry epidermis;

Arabic SanYun Jeql Tutorial

【Nutrition Enhancement Training】 Nutrition cream is matched with 6 sets of European version of international JELQ training courses, one-on-one professional training, each time using 2-3 courses, each training 15 minutes, the more the frequency of use, the faster the improvement; combined training can Improve length, hardness, plumpness, and ability to control ejaculation; continuous use can improve penis circumference and erection strength, while consolidating the traction and stretching effect;

Click to view video tutorial

Benefits of using SanYun™ Penis Extender


Penis extenders continuously stretch the penis for a number of hours every day.

Wearing a penis extender every day for a few months will make your penis bigger by the method of penis traction. Read more about how penis traction works here.

Due to the penis traction method that the SanYun penis extender uses, new cells are formed as a result, causing your penis to get bigger or straighter.

Penis extenders such as the SanYun device will lengthen and thicken your penis.

They can also help to straighten a bent or curved penis, for example if you’ve been diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease.

As a new user of Sanyun, please go to the product use center to learn how to use and operate skills, and be sure to read each operation instruction and precautions carefully, so that you can quickly understand the use and get a better experience;


Reminder: When you confirm (purchase), it is deemed that you agree to this agreement and follow the use method; due to each person’s physical condition, use method, and use time, the data may increase or decrease, and there will be differences. The specific results are subject to the actual data!