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Brand Registration NO: 5920714
Patent NO: ZL201920197062.4
Patent Name: Multifunctional Extender for Male Genitalia

《Premium Suit》

SANYUN male training system; improve penis shortness, length, hardness, time, and delay the aging of the penis growth through ternary exercise, continuous use helps to enhance sexual function and prolong male sexual life; Please Choose the product suit that suits your needs.
Model: SY- Premium Suit
Use period: 90 Days
Multifunctional Extender: 1 piece
Nutritious lotion: 6 pieces
Meridian instrument: 1 piece
Bind Strap: 2 pieces
TPE Ring: 1 piece
Protective Bandage: 1 piece
Warranty: 1 year
Additional: Product spare parts
Freebies1: Workout Tutorial 6 Sets
Freebies2: Cell Repair Lotion 2 Bottle

Scientific and safe solution

C Series《Premium Suit》

Advanced Suit,Exclusive Gift

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Limited quantity

Original Price: 1198USD
Now: 599USD

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A New Multifunctional Male Genital Extender
Patent No.: 201920197062.4

Product Details Display

The method of use is very simple, only need three steps, you can operate at home;
Combined with multiple modes of [physical traction + cell repair + meridian activation], the three effects are combined, and the new patented technology greatly improves the efficiency!

Penis Enlarger

Nutrition Repair Cream

Activate Meridians

Advanced Suit,Exclusive Gift

Improve Your Problem

User Satisfaction 96-99.8%

Length: user satisfaction 97.9%
Perimeter: user satisfaction 92%
Time: user satisfaction 95.6%
Hardness:user satisfaction 93.4%
Straightness:User Satisfaction 98.6%
Safety : user satisfaction 99.8%

Sanyun System—bind strap

Sanyun System—TPE Training Ring

Sanyun System—Protective bandage

Sanyun System—Measuring Ruler

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26 thoughts on “Extender C Series

  1. This product is solid with thick rods and a few attachments. very smooth adjustment. it works better than my previous devices. I am satisfied with this product. Excellent customer service.

  2. Great quality product. All of the accessories fit well, and the packaging was good. I have been using the product for several months. Really satisfied with the length and girth growth. Beyond my expectation.

  3. Shipped quickly and in discrete packaging.
    Assembly was easy and fast. It’s very user friendly. Overall very pleased and would definitely recommend.

  4. I purchase this product was purely give it a try mentality. Already a month for now, I do see an obvious growth down there. The erection is greater than before. Oh my… Thank you SANYUN.

  5. I was attracted by the customer cases. Inquired a few questions with customer service then purchased it. The product is cheaper than a phone. I asked myself why not….

  6. I tried different stretchers due to suffer from erectile dysfunction and had to take medications. I really don’t like to take medicine. Glad that I found this product which truly helped me greatly. Really happy with the result after few months of used. Besides the size, I’m surprised with the hardness that I have now. It seems like back to youth day

  7. I never thought I could have a serious relationship in my life. had only 4cm in the past. never believe the products in the market as mostly are fake or poor quality. Purchased Sanyun through a friend recommendation. Used for a few months and see a significant improvement. Couldn’t express my happiness in words. Gotta put in the efforts though. A genuine product

    1. Hi Carlos, thank you for trusting Sanyun and gave it a try. Glad to see your feedback. Please continue use it for better result.

  8. Received the product today. The packaging is excellent. Product quality is good as in the picture. Looking forward to see the result

    1. Hi Edson, thank you for the purchase. Do let us know if you have any problems with the instruction. Wishing all the best.

  9. I bought Sanyun for penis enlargement and some erectile issues that i have. Have been using it 2 months. gained some length after erect and i can feel my penis much hardness now. My wife keep pushing me to use it continuously.

  10. This product is amazing! I have used and spent a lot on penis enlargement product. I’m so glad that I came across SANYUN. I have been using it a month and I’m seeing great result. I love it. highly recommend this for men who want real results.

  11. I had a small penis for 45 years and didn’t have any real relationship in the past. Eventually, I gave a try on this product for 2 months and I gained obvious growth down there. This product is real.

  12. It was an advertisement that brought me to Sanyun website. At first, I thought the user cases in the gallery were all fake. But I was wondering how they could have so much feedback from the customer. Out of curiosity, I bought the product. After a month I witnessed the result is real. The length, girth, hardness, and time are all improved.

  13. I bought the product was because I couldn’t have good sex with my girlfriend. The time was too short as my erection was poor. She didn’t complain though. Now I already used the product for 2 months, The hardness is solid as wood and the sex can last 30mins. I’m really happy with what I’m having now.

  14. i would like to order in my Currency the Premium suit in Botswana in Tlokweng area near Gaborone.
    How do i order using money order or Ewallet services.
    please provide quotation in BWP

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