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New Multifunctional Male Genital Extender

We have four patented technologies in the professional field of male genitalia

This new invention patent `{`Patent: ZL201920197062.4`}` relates to the technical field of male external genitalia elongation exercises and devices for improving penis shortness, in particular to a new multifunctional male genitalia extender, which can improve penis shortness, length and strength through exercise. As well as delaying the aging of the penis and improving sexual function;

  • 4 patented technologies
  • 4-29CM adaptation range
  • More scientific
  • Multifunctional
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use
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Physical traction

Physical traction

Through daily and hourly continuous stretching and stretching training of the penis, SANYUN makes the corpus cavernosum tissue adapt to the pressure and environment, promotes the adaptive growth of corpus cavernosum cells and ligament tissue, and improves the length and size;

  • Increase the length
  • Increase the circumference
  • Improve hardness
  • Last longer
  • Penile bend correction
  • Delay the penis aging
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Meridian Activation

Meridian Activation

Combined with meridian acupoint therapy, the micro-electric massager stimulates Guanyuan and Huiyin points and other strong kidney points, activates cells, promotes the blood circulation of the penis, helps to improve erection hardness, and increases male sexual function; (use micro-electric massager every time For 5-15 minutes, it has the effect of strengthening the kidney, promotes the balance of yin and yang and blood circulation, regulates physiological and reproductive functions, and increases the auxiliary effect of male sexual function. It is recommended to use it for a long time, and the effect is remarkable)

  • Increase vitality
  • Increase sexual performance
  • Improve Qi blood circulation
  • Strengthen the kidney
  • Regulate reproductive function
  • Maintain the prostate
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Micro magnetic field

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Scientifically designed 15 natural tourmaline energy fields, rich in 58 kinds of trace elements, penetrate the deep layers of human cells through far infrared rays, warmth cells, promote blood microcirculation in the genitals, and accelerate the improvement of cell vitality.

  • Permanent micro current 0.06 mA
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Radiates far infrared rays
  • Improve metabolism
  • Warmth cells
  • Physiotherapy Maintenance
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Supplement nutrients

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Apply nutritious repair lotion to massage the surface of the penis. The plant essence elements penetrate the skin and Improve cell viability. Improve engorgement and erection. Increase volume of blood in cavernous body, and increase volume of cavernous body cells for fullness to achieve improvement.

  • Supplement cell nutrition
  • Improve cell viability
  • Increase excitement
  • Increase elasticity
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Delay penis aging
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JELQ therapy

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We have professional JELQ training courses. 1. OK milking training 2. OK squeezing training 3. OK horse grasping training, 4. Jelq stretching training 5. Jelq slow four-way training; 6. Jelqing rotation training 7. PC muscle strength control and ejeculation control. Professional version of JELQ training video tutorials in the world. European and American coaches demonstration guidance. Scientific and easy to understand.

  • OK milking training
  • OK squeezing training
  • OK horse grasping training
  • Jelq stretching training
  • Jelq slow four-way training
  • Jelq rotation training
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