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Brand Registration NO: 5920714
Patent NO: ZL201920197062.4
Patent Name: Multifunctional Extender for Male Genitalia

《Standard Suit》

SANYUN male training system; improve penis shortness, length, hardness, time, and delay the aging of the penis through ternary exercise, continuous use helps to enhance sexual function and prolong male sexual life; Please Choose the product suit that suits your needs for Penis enlargement
Model: SY- Standard Suit
Use period: 45 Days
Multifunctional Extender: 1 piece
Nutritious lotion: 2 pieces
Meridian instrument: 1 piece
Bind Strap: 2 pieces
TPE Ring: 1 piece
Protective Bandage: 1 piece
Warranty: 1 year
Additional: Product spare parts
Freebies: Workout Tutorial 6 Sets

Scientific and safe solution

A Series《Standard Suit》

Original Price: 798USD
Now: 398USD

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A New Multifunctional Male Genital Extender
Patent No.: 201920197062.4

Solution,Sanyun 3 in 1

The method of use is very simple, only need three steps, you can operate at home;
Combined with multiple modes of [physical traction + cell repair + meridian activation], the three effects are combined, and the new patented technology greatly improves the efficiency!

Penis Enlarger

Nutrition Repair Cream

Activate Meridians

Improve Your Problem

User Satisfaction 91-98%

Length: user satisfaction 97.9%
Perimeter: user satisfaction 92%
Time: user satisfaction 95.6%
Hardness:user satisfaction 93.4%
Straightness:User Satisfaction 98.6%
Safety : user satisfaction 99.8%

Sanyun System—bind strap

Sanyun System—TPE Training Ring

Sanyun System—Protective bandage

Sanyun System—Measuring Ruler

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    33 thoughts on “Extender A Series

    1. I wasn’t expecting too much from this I was really more interested in increasing blood flow. I’ve been using it for about a month now. First off I have good size when erect but am one of those guys you don’t see it until then. There is some girth growth I would say not bad. Length increased by 2CM. Good stuff.

    2. I was skeptical about the whole penis growth using a device but this product has changed my mindset forever. I keep up with it daily and after 3 week of training I have noticed a gain in girth and length. I am very satisfied with the product and satisfied with the results. I would definitely recommend this to others who want a larger or thicker size.

    3. I was really disappointed with my husband previously. Told him go for penile treatment but not willing to go. Eventually I found the solution for him. Truly surprised with the result after a month of used. Thank you SANYUN.

    4. Hello everyone! I have used SANYUN for 50 days. Now is 17 cm long. Before that it was 13 cm. I can see a big change. my girl can felt a full sense of fulfillment. Got her first orgasm!

    5. Great product. I had a similar one before. not only it was way too short, after about 2 months, I had to trash it as the device got broken into half. I ordered Sanyun through my buddy recommendation. I have been using it for almost a year, it’s still working as new. I am glad I picked it. 21CM now.

    6. my size was 10 cm. All my relationships didn’t last long. Found this product few months ago and I have 15 cm long right now. unbelievable.

    7. Unfortunately, I did not understand the reason for the divorce until it happened. However, I am not ready for surgery. The cost is too expensive. Can you tell me where I can order the original product instead of imitation one? Would like to give it a try

      1. SANYUN can only be ordered through the official website. If you have any queries can reach out the customer service. Not to worry about the use problems. SANYUN provides after sales service.

    8. I just checked SANYUN on the website of Domestic Trademark and Brand Intellectual Property Office. It is indeed an officially registered brand with the registration number 20126087. The invention patent CN.ZL201310539608.7, CN.ZL201920197062.4. IT IS REAL.

      1. Hi Mr.Zhang, thank you for verifying the information. Indeed, Our business has been running more than a decade. Besides the patented technology, along the way we have gathered the valuable feedback from our customer and developed a greater product. Do contact customer service if you would like to get better understanding about SANYUN.

        1. Actually I’ve bought the product last month after a conversation with customer service. Thank goodness the product is provided with video guidance on how to use and the training. Only one month, I have never been better before.

    9. Started using it 6 months ago and stopped for a period due to work busy. Surprisingly, it’s 18 cm now and I’m satisfied. My girlfriend orgasms every time. It feels great.

    10. Just Wanted To Tell You People About The Wonderful Results I’ve Gained After Using Sanyun. Simply Amazing! Especially My Attitude Towards Women. I Know I’m Capable Of Satisfying Any Woman. It Makes Me So Much Easier To Approach A Woman At The Club Or Anywhere For That Matter. You Guys Rock. Appreciate The Guidance From Ms.Lily +6583103128. She is great

    11. I’ve been using the product for 2 months. My wife witnessed an obvious improvement and enlargement. She is happier now as our sex life is longer than before.

    12. I used to have problem with the erection as I had a hard time making love with my girlfriend. It truly Saddens me till I found Sanyun which solved the problem. After just a month of use, I can already see the result.

    13. My sex life was always last for a couple minute only. I didn’t believe in this product at first but decided gave it a try. And boom, 20mins or more is no longer a problem. The size increased as well.

    14. Hey…I would like to use it,after reading the wonderful Comments.May I ask when you at The using process , can you have sex or you should wait till you done?

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