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If the product is not opened and used within 7 days after receiving it, it will not affect the secondary sales, and you can enjoy 100% return service, and the freight will be borne by the customer;

We’re so confident in the results you’ll get with the SanYun Penis Enlargement System that we back all our customers with a Money Back Guarantee. If your penis size does not increase a bit after completing the 9 month sanyun program, we will refund your money.

We guarantee that our products will give you even greater results when used correctly and diligently. In fact, if you have no results, we will refund you; if you do not increase your penis by 1CM within 1,000 hours after sanyun training, you can claim our money back guarantee.

During your first nine months of using our product, you can keep track of your progress by recording measurements and usage data to: lelo83103128@gmail.com.

We kindly ask you to take photos before using the product, during using the product (data is taken once a week), and after using the product to ensure that you are using the product correctly. Please put a ruler on the penis column of the two pictures, pointing to the tip of the penis, keeping them parallel.

《Purchase Notes》

This product is an auxiliary training product for external use, non-medical supplies, and has no function of treating diseases; this product uses physical methods, and users need to plan part of the time every day and insist on independent training to achieve improvement and enhancement;

Please confirm before purchasing, ① have enough exercise time (1-3H) every day, ② whether you are training according to the requirements, ③ complete the training plan for 90-180 days in a row;

Because each person’s body structure and physique are different, the method of use, time of use, and frequency of use are different, and the effect achieved will be different;

During the use of the students, please read the usage methods and precautions in detail, and provide regular information such as videos, pictures, data, etc., so that when encountering problems in use, the technical consultant will be more convenient to answer for you, and the students can better understand Improve the use efficiency,!


This product is an auxiliary training product for external use. After strict inspection and testing, it has a number of patented technologies. It conforms to ergonomic design and is harmless to the human body. Users can pass the inspection of professional institutions by themselves; the product provides training reference tutorials, which is convenient for users to understand and use;

This product is used independently by the user, and the time and method of use are arranged by the user. The entire use process is not within the scope of our company’s monitoring, so we do not guarantee the efficiency and effect of use; learn how to use, understand precautions, and improve use Frequency, which can greatly improve the efficiency of use;

The user has complete autonomy over the product itself and the use of the product. If the user does not use it in accordance with the regulations, improper operation or excessive operation, all disputes and incidents caused by the user shall be borne by the students themselves and have nothing to do with this product; hereby declare;

Service Agreement 》

This product has patented technology. It is an auxiliary training product for external use. It cannot treat diseases. It uses scientific training to improve. Sanyun needs you to use it consistently to achieve the best improvement effect. Just like fitness exercises, it may take up some of your time for training ,Because each person’s physique and usage are different, the effect of improvement and the time spent will also be different. It takes a certain period of time for physical changes. Generally, if you stick to it for 3-9 months, there will be an obvious change. Please save the usage data on a regular basis by yourself, follow the (instructions for use), be patient and step by step;

Sanyun this product is a personal items, Non-quality problems, once used, will not enjoy refund service;
basic after-sales service: enjoy free parts maintenance within 1 year, parts replacement, experience sharing, training guidance and other after-sales services
(Accessories are free, and the postage fee is borne by the customer);

A successful order means that you have agreed to this service agreement. sanyun wishes you a happy life

Any great success is inseparable from persistence!

As a new SanYun user, you should go to the product use center to learn how to use it and operating skills, so that you can get a better experience;


Reminder: When you confirm (purchase), it is deemed that you agree to this agreement and follow the use method; due to each person’s physical condition, use method, and use time, the data may increase or decrease, and there will be differences. The specific results are subject to the actual data!