Faq's - SANYUN-Multifunctional trainer



There are three main steps in the product:
1. Physical traction/stretching for growth
2. Apply nutritious lotion to thicken and improve the corpus cavernosum
3. Use meridian micro-electric activation to increase hardness through training.
Three-in-one optimization to promote the length, thickness, hardness and durability.
With an hour of daily training, it makes erectile tissue adapt to the pressure and environment, promote the adaptive growth of cavernosal cells. Besides promoting the length, it straighten the penile curvature.
Massage with nutritious lotion to repair the damaged cells, stimulate penile erection, promote cavernous cells, and increase the blood volume. This to achieve the thickness and strength through training.
With meridian massage therapy, it stimulates Guanyuan and Periyin points through micro-electric massager. Thus to activates cells, promotes blood circulation of the penis, helps to improve erection strength and hardness, as well as durability.
A set of the training period is 15 days. After the setup is completed, not to increase the strength or adjust the device within 15days. Generally, the length can be increased by 1cm (a hole on the device) after 15 days. However, please continue to train for another 15 days if you don’t see the improvement before any adjustment. Remember not to increase the intensity forcefully, instead, do it progressively.
Firstly, take down the measurement of penis when it’s flaccid. On the first use of 15 days, the wearing stretch is 1-1.5 centimeters increase in the length of erection.
Take note of the data. Remember not to forcibly stretch or pull, it will be counterproductive. Take 30-60 minutes of traction/stretching training each time. Do 2-3 times a day if possible. The more frequent the use, the better the effect. Do not adjust the strength at will, maintain a fixed strength training within 10-15 days. It is best to record the data every week and email it to us. If you encounter any problems, we will assist you.
Avoid masturbation or excessive sexual activity during training. It will cause insufficient blood and essence**, and greatly reduce the effect of training. It is best to control the frequency of sexual life/masturbation not more than once a week. Otherwise, it will cause insufficient hardness and loss of erection during intercourse.
Sanyun products are divided into 3 package series. Click this link to directly fill in the order information, https://sanyunn.com/packagingpricing/ The company’s customer service will contact you within 12 hours, or directly place the order with online payment (credit card/paypal). After receiving the payment, the delivery will be arranged within 12 hours, and the courier number will be emailed to you after the goods are delivered. Use the tracking number to check the shipping status.
This product is designed purely for external use. No oral administration. Rest assured, no side effects.
Physical improvement is long-term. After achieved the enlargement, a 30-60-day retention training can be carried out. According to the feedback from most users, thereafter daily training can help for retention and enhancement.
SANYUN brand belongs to the LELO sex toy brand in Singapore. Registration number is 40201911631P. The enterprise registration number is 201914549C. All products can be issued with receipt. 100% authentic guarantee.
Generally, you can achieve satisfactory results after 2 to 3 months of use. If you have high expectations, you can continue to use it for a period of time until you are satisfied.

While using SANYUN product, it can be combined with dietary for better improvement. Consume seafood such as sea cucumbers and shellfish like oysters, crab, mussels & shrimp. They are rich in zinc. Garlic and chocolate are very beneficial for healthy sperm production.

Kidney Yang deficiency is more common in men (a typical condition in Chinese medicine, TCM), and the symptoms are:
Fear of cold, cold hands and feet (severe cases are also cold in summer), lack of energy, soreness in waist and knees, fear of cold in the lumbar spine, heaviness in body, shortness of breath, wheezing and phlegm, sudden sweating, lethargy, dreaminess, low back pain, joint pain, hearing loss, morning diarrhea, constipation, less urination, frequent urination at night, memory loss, lower extremity edema, sexual dysfunction, testicular swelling, or retractile testicle, impotence, premature ejaculation, obesity.

Yes. SANYUN product provides with professional training video.

1. OK milking training

2. OK horse milking training

3. OK horse grasping training

4. Jelqing stretching training

5. Jelqing slow four-way training

6. Jelqing rotation training

7. PC muscle strength control training.

Provide international professional enhancement training video tutorials.

Yes. At present we have more than 100K members. More than 10 thousand of customer data sharing. Some customers shared the video recording of the whole process. Obtain password from SANYUN customer care to login. See it for yourself.

SANYUN price is favorable with great saving due to manufacturer is foreign trade direct sales. Hence, postage fee is borne by the customer. It will be charged according to the actual express postage fee without additional charges.

All customers enjoy 7-day return and exchange service with conditions.
Condition 1. Purchase the goods at the original price to enjoy the return service. Any special discounted products are not included in the return service.
Condition 2. Product is unopened and will not affect the second sale.
Condition 3. SANYUN is a hygiene product. Once it is found opened and used, it cannot be returned except quality problem.
Condition 4. All goods shall be returned together including the gift.
Return procedures: 1. Mail the product to the return service point at your own expense 2. Send over the tracking number 3. Acceptance at the service point 4. Check the items and process the refund (normally 7 working days).
Return requirements: Provide the reason for return, customer name, mobile number, bank card number or other payment information.

Members enjoy the privilege of using tutorials and data sharing services. VIP customers enjoy the privilege of one-to-one guidance services. 7-day no-reason return and exchange services (without affecting the sales). Free replacement or free maintenance on first 3-month. For product more than 3 months from the date of purchase can still enjoy free maintenance services for lifetime. Only the cost of accessories will be charged. Delivery ETA is around 7-15 days.

This product is a physical exerciser, SanYun multifunctional penis extender, after a one-time purchase, it can be used for a long time without any other cost.
Yes. Purchase according to your condition and actual needs. One set is enough. If have higher expectation, just purchase nutritious lotion will do.
Due to online sales transaction, labor cost and other business expenses are saved. At present, users can enjoy a 50% discount on purchases. If purchase “Premium Suit”, can get 2 bottles of repair nutritious lotion (valued at $156) for free.
Rest assured it does not. It is a patented product with an ergonomic design. There will be a feeling of soreness when using it for the first 7 days. Thereafter will be fine.
Not to worry about this problem at all. SANYUN is a patented product. The equipment strength can be adjusted accordingly. It has the protection measures. When the strength is too much, the silicone strap will be detached automatically.
The product is a system set, which is a comprehensive and enhancement training system. Use it as a system for prominent result and greater satisfactory.
After the purchase you will be a member. The member area has detailed video explanations and professional after-sales customer service. So need not worry.
No. SANYUN product is purely physical training for external use. It is safe and has no side effects.
Through physical traction training to increase the length with the principle of cell adaptive growth.
Note: Males have 6-10 cm of penis left in their bodies after adulthood. Through scientific physical traction combined with the principle of cell adaptive stretching, this part of the penis is freed from the body to achieve the effect of extension. Similar principle for suspensory ligament surgery in hospitals.
(Simplified version) Physical traction training with nutritious lotion to achieve optimization and thickening.
Note: Nutrition exercise method: Apply plant essence nutritious lotion on penis with massage. This to promote the absorption of various plant nutrients by the penis epidermis, which can activate and improve the vitality of cavernous cells, expand skin capillaries, and promote skin blood circulation. The lotion moisturize the penis, increase elasticity, improve excitement & delay penis aging.
No. Sanyun is a purely physical product for external use. Continuous training/use can promote the vitality and function of autologous cells in the genitals. It helps to improve the quality and quantity of sperm, and increase the probability of pregnancy.
The product is a combination of traction training + nutrition training + meridian micro-electric activation, 3 in 1 therapy. Instruction is simple and easy to follow. You can learn the 3 steps in 3 minutes.

SANYUN is a hygiene product. Due to safety reasons, unable to support trial for the time being.

Yes it is. SANYUN products are small and easy to carry. Many customers carry them with them on business trips and travel. You can use it at ease in the hotel.

From 9:00 am – 12:00 pm SGT. All members of SANYUN product can enjoy after-sales guidance services for free. SANYUN staff have more than 3 years of work experience. They can help you resolve the problem professionally. Provide guidance on product instruction and training technique.

SANYUN’s goal is aims for “Healthy & Safety”. SANYUN constantly pursues for innovation. Client can provide their valuable opinions/recommendation to SANYUN. SANYUN takes all feedback seriously. You will get the reply within 3 working days. Email to SANYUN at sanvun@163.com

When the meridian micro-electric instrument is not in use, the frequency adjustment of the meridian massager cannot work properly. The instrument can be started and debugged normally only after the line is properly connected and the meridian patch is in contact with the skin acupoints correctly. Under normal working conditions, the acupuncture points will be accompanied by the touch of micro-electric acupuncture. Adjust the intensity accordingly. (THIS PRODUCT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR USER WITH ELECTRONIC ORGANS INSTALLED IN THE BODY)
Following the 4 key points are precautions and solutions:
1. Check the sensor cable of the meridian instrument whether is inserted into the correct port. The correct ports are the hole on the top left and top right.
2. Check whether the patch is completely fit and attached to the skin. The area with excess hair needs to be removed then attach it.
3. Be sure to clean the patch after each use. This to ensure the adhesiveness of the patch. Otherwise, the effect will be weakened.
4. Be sure to turn off the power then clean the meridian patch. This to avoid instrument short-circuit.
5. In order to prolong the battery service life, ensure there’s power left after each used.
If have any questions during the use, please take a video or pictures. Email it to SANYUN customer service.

Ensuring your privacy is our utmost priority. All orders will be sealed in mailer bags for maximum discreetness. The package will be labeled as sports goods.

SANYUN product has passed the export quality inspection. The certification recognized by international CNAS, CMA, ilac-MRA, and HAP. Inspection number is: HZ20180221, HAP181115885. Besides, SANYUN has a professional after-sales service. The product can be purchased and used with confidence.