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12 Years of experience

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We have international invention patents!

SANYUN is a LELO partner brand, Sanyun System, which is dedicated to improving men’s physical fitness and charm. Sanyun Penis enlargement makes you more confident; Sanyun Brand is also an independent brand in the sports and health industry, Sanyun Increase, regardless of innovation or Services are at the industry level!

Sanyun System, according to the research and invention of Meridian Science, American physical mechanics and biological cytology and other fields, Sanyun enlargement, specially for male genitals short, maintenance; Functional exerciser. Sanyun enlargement, and obtained a number of national invention patents; Sanyun System, which combines physical traction, and activates cells; cooperates with SANYUN training system; Sanyun Penis enlargement, combines weak magnetic energy field microcirculation technology, comprehensively improves the flexibility of penile ligaments , hardness and length, as well as delaying the aging of the penis and prolonging male sexual life;

  • Improve length
  • Increase circumference
  • Longer time
  • Improve hardness
  • Improve stunting
  • Improve CorpusCavernosum
  • Correct the bend
  • Penis care
  • Delay penis aging
  • Improve Microcirculation

We Have The Scientific and safe solution

Sanyun has a number of invention patents and design patents, applying physical traction power science, cell adaptive growth bioscience, and designing inventions based on ergonomics; sanyun performs combined training through physical traction, nutritional training, and meridian activation; the principle is that cells and tissues are in Under a continuous pulling force, a response ability will be generated, which will increase the activity of tissue cells, and then grow adaptively with the environment under the weak magnetic energy field environment. Through continuous comprehensive training of the penis every day, every hour and every moment, sanyun makes the cavernosal tissue of the penis adapt to pressure and the environment, and promotes the adaptive growth of cavernous cells, so as to improve the shortness of the penis, improve the length, hardness, and elasticity of the penis. time etc.
This patent has real clinical data reports;

Our Mision

SANYUN male penis exerciser is committed to developing the high potential of the male body by combining Meridian Science and contemporary higher scientific technology. We advocate natural Method so that men can train themselves to achieve their sexual health goals without resorting to dangerous surgery.


Our Vision

SANYUN provides a natural, comfortable and safe lifting effect for male penis. It is non-drug and non-surgical. It is the most effective male enlargement exerciser so far. It has a high reputation in Europe and the United States. The size and quality are improved, and the efficiency is high.

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    We will help you become a healthy man!

    sanyun multifunctional training system, suitable for all kinds of male problems.

    • Professional enlargement system
    • Comprehensively enhance male function
    • Traction correction of curvature
    • Comprehensive exercise to help erection
    • Comfortable and safe to use
    • Healthy without dependence
    • 24/7 hour customer service
    • We are the only one offering men's health counseling services

    SANYUN - Genuine International BrandWe have registered brands and patent copyrights in Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and other countries, and have four patented technologies in the male professional field, which can be found on the local intellectual property official website

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    Genital Elongation Technique

    Patent Number: ZL201920197062.4

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    Genital Elongation Technique

    Patent Number: ZL201310539608.7

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    Brand Certificate

    Registration number: 5920714

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