penis enlargement Real sharing,60 years old using SANYUN, penis growth 6cm in 90 days,A new type of penis enlargement patent technology - SANYUN-Multifunctional trainer


penis enlargement Real sharing,60 years old using SANYUN, penis growth 6cm in 90 days,A new type of penis enlargement patent technology

Use suit: Premium Suit (SANYUN)
Sharing: Mike shared his story.
I am 60 years old this year. I like coffee and fishing. I have sex 1-3 times a month on average. As I got older, my sexual ability was declined seriously. The time was short and my penis erection was not good. Last year I accidentally infected the new coronavirus. Obviously, the penis shrinks, poor erection, desire was reduced, and the situation was worsen. I need to change myself, because a man who has lost his male instinct is no longer a complete man.

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User Data & Feedback

Mike:” Patented technology product, safe for external use. The following are the changes in each stage of my use. It takes a little patience and some time to use it. The improvement effect is indeed possible. I personally recommend it”

Mike:“Totally holding the mentality of giving it a try, the results are beyond my expectations”
SANYUN Good,I Recommend

Before Use

Before use, the size is about 15 cm. It may be because of old age, the penis is a little shrinking and aging, the hardness of erection is poor, and the corpus cavernosum is not congested. It takes a long time to respond by hand, but it is not hard after a few exercises. Now, in a bad mood, embarrassing every critical moment!

Use Sanyun 15 Days ↓

▲ The hardness of the erection has improved, the glans is also fuller, the angle has reached 33°, and the size is also a little larger than before, continue to train!

Use Sanyun 30 Days ↓

▲ I am so happy to see the erect dick. Now I can erect at 90 degrees at will, the hardness has recovered very well, and the state of congestive body congestion has improved a lot. I can have sex for about 20-30 minutes each time, and I will continue to train. ..

Use Sanyun 60 Days ↓

▲ Today, I have been using it for 60 days. The size and length have increased by 3-4 cm. The glans has doubled in size.Entering the body, there is a full sense of fulfillment, and the lover likes it very much

Use Sanyun 90 Days ↓

▲ After 90 days of continuous use training, my little Dick has completely transformed, the size has increased by about 6 cm, it has become thicker, the hardness is very, very good, the head is more plump, erect like a small mushroom head, and the sensitivity has improved , give it a little stimulation, there will be a feeling of change and impulsiveness, every time it is submerged in the body, the lover’s legs will tremble… very satisfying

Daily Erection Status ↓

▲ I am very satisfied with who I am now, my friends, maybe you have used other or similar products, and I don’t know how you have changed? This is my personal experience and story, I sincerely share with you, I hope it can be used as a reference to help you.

Have a try,Maybe Change Your Life

Product Suit recommendation by customer
Three-in-one, scientific and safe solution
Original price of 798$, now 50% off
A New Multifunctional Male Genital Extender
Application: Physics, Biology, Meridian Science
Three Steps To Create a ‘BIG MALE’
Combined with multiple modes of [physical elongation + cell repair + meridian activation], three effects in one, and the new patented technology greatly improves the efficiency

International Invention Patent
12 years of scientific research achievements
Overcome the world’s short penis technical problems

Patent Design
Energy field formed by 15 micro magnetic bead

Permanent micro current 0.06 mA
Promote blood circulation
Radiates far infrared rays
Physiotherapy and maintenance
Improve metabolism
Warmth cells

This patent is 100% real and effective
Log in to the national official website to check the certification

The shortest is applicable to 4 cm size customers
The Longest Adjustment Range 29cm

Real product shooting video

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    11 thoughts on “penis enlargement Real sharing,60 years old using SANYUN, penis growth 6cm in 90 days,A new type of penis enlargement patent technology

    1. I have been using it for 2 months, 1-2 hours a day, and I only improved by 4 cm. I want to hear about the experience and technique

      1. It is recommended to use the Premium Suit package, which can be used for a longer period (90 days) to achieve a greater change

    2. I’ve received the product today. About 6 days of waiting. Would like to comment that the product quality is tip-top with beautiful packaging. The guidance from the customer service is truly excellent. She has great patience as I asked too many questions. Thanks a lot.

    3. I was a bit skeptical of the product when I first saw it. Read through most of the page contents and decided to buy it. Good stuff

    4. I had a similar product. However, the result was not even close. Already placed the order for premium suit. Looking forward to see a bigger change.

    5. Happy with the purchase. Really appreciate the guidance from the customer service. Highly professional

    6. Have been using it a month. Happy with the result so far. The girth and length got obvious improvement. Sex time is longer than before.

    7. Bought the product from a Friend’s recommendation. This stuff is real deal. Mine got increased by 5cm after 2 months. The trick was to use the product consistently.

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