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29 years old Dick’s Growth

Use suit: Enhancement Suit (SANYUN)
Sharing: Mr.Zhao shared his story. He is 29 years old this year, married, and works in the service industry. He felt that his penis was short, poor erection and dissatisfied with his sex life. After a period of persistent training, his penis length, girth, hardness, and sex life are improved.

2913Enhancement Suit-D1-1.5
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Record video with full process
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Three-in-one, scientific and safe solution
Three Steps To Create a ‘BIG MALE’
Combined with multiple modes of [physical elongation + cell repair + meridian activation], three effects in one, and the new patented technology greatly improves the efficiency
A New Multifunctional Male Genital Extender
Application: Physics, Biology, Meridian Science

International Invention Patent
12 years of scientific research achievements
Overcome the world’s short penis technical problems

Patent Design
Energy field formed by 15 micro magnetic bead

Permanent micro current 0.06 mA
Promote blood circulation
Radiates far infrared rays
Physiotherapy and maintenance
Improve metabolism
Warmth cells

This patent is 100% real and effective
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Let science solve your Dick problems
5 processes, all solved within an hour

The shortest is applicable to 4 cm size customers

The Longest Adjustment Range 29cm

Real product shooting video

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