SANYUN scientific principles - SANYUN-Multifunctional trainer


SANYUN scientific principles

SANYUN system, a number of patented technologies, applying physical traction power science, cell adaptive growth biological science, designed and invented according to ergonomics. Sanyun Penis enlargement, combined training through physical traction, nutrition training, meridian activation; principle lies in cell organization under a continuous pulling force, the reaction ability will be generated. This reaction ability will increase the activity of tissue cells and grow adaptively with the environment. Sanyun enlargement, through continuous training of the penis every day, every hour, every moment, and free the extra parts hidden in the body, while allowing the penile cavernous tissue to adapt to the pressure and the environment. Sanyun increase and promote the penis sponge body adaptive cell growth. Sanyun product, a comprehensive exercise can improve short penis, short genitals, extend penis and improve penis length and hardness.

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